Body building shakes and powderd vitamins for crohns

(South carolina)

Ive had crohns for about ten years. I suffer alot of back pain, mostly at night.
Started drinking a high protien with amino acids shake everyday 2years ago. I also add a high dose powder multi vitamin with it.
Taking this everyday has reduced pain and flares alot. Bowel movements are normal most days, usually going 2 or 3 times.
If i skip my drink a couple of days i start to have symptons and pain again.
I have found i can eat most things in moderation as long as im on my shake.
No meds just some tylenol a few times a week. No hostpital stays in 2 yrs.
I have no idea why this works for me. Would like to hear if anyone else is doing the same.
If your over weight lose it. Walk everyday, your body will deal with better if you get in shape.
Protien- nitro tech pro series at gnc
Vitamin- mega mens maximum powder at gnc

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