Blockage with a stoma

by Chris
(Country Western Australia)

Has anyone with an ileostomy had trouble with output being too thick causing blockage and gas building up?
Is it just a case of liquid diet until it thins and the flare up from crohns settles down?
Has had an endoscope(? from stoma)-no strictures, some inflamation , some scarring, a bit of narrowing near the stoma-widened a bit by ballooning.
Any ideas or experience details welcome.

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by: Vanessa

Your girl is a very brave one and I am glad she lives her life to the fullest :). You must be very proud of her! It is very nice of you to come in here and ask question to help your daughter, I know it is hard for us people that have the CD but just looking at my parents tells me that being you guys (the parents) must not be easy and sometimes really hard. Except the orange, do you know what causes her the blockage?

Ileostomy blockage
by: Anonymous

Hi Vanessa, Thank you for your reply.
My daughter is the one with the ileostomy and has had it since she was 16, now 20. Original diagnosis for 11 years was Ulcerative colitis but after three and half trouble free years with a couple of minor blockages-one from orange pith, she has just had a very bad run of blockage/obstructions to the point that she is now self draining with a tube. Not much fun.
Has had several hospital visits and she now has a very good gastroenterologist who is working with her to sort out the issue. Turns out she now has crohns and that has caused inflamation and scarring so it is back to meds, letting it all settle down and hope that gradually all will return to normal. She has just been in hospital for another scope and a bit of stretching. Will see what happens and the next step may be surgery. There is a slight kink just in from her stoma but the rest is clear and looking good. Inflamation is gone and scarring is minimal. Still rides horses , goes to university 4000 kms from home and lives life to the full.Think these stomas are all very individual from what she has experienced this time:)

by: Vanessa

Hello Chris,
I have an ileostomy and it is all good with me. What kind of food do you eat? They say to not eat nuts, because it can creat a blockage and drink a lot of water. Since when do you hsve your ostomy? They say to be careful of what we eat for 3 weeks minimum after the surgery.

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