Bizarre Crohn's

by Jazz
(Australia, Canberra)


Does anyone out there have Crohn's which never technically flares up? I was diagnosed with Crohn's 6 years ago when my appendix burst (as a result of Crohn's) but since then I have never had a flare up but often have diorhea, bloating and sever pain. I have been to the doctors many times when I have felt this pain but after a blood test to determine my celiactic protein levels I was always given the all clear. Here I am wondering if I even have it and I rarely go to the doctors now when I feel pain.


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Bizarre Crohn's NEW
by: Annette Young

Hi there,

Thanks for your post.

Crohn's disease is an all-consuming and often aggressive condition that can take over every aspect of your life but sometimes, it seems to relinquish its grip and you could easily be mistaken for thinking that the disease is gone.

Crohn's often goes into a remission period which can last days, weeks, months and even years. Some people have very few problems with their Crohn's for a long period of time, but the mistake is often made in that they think they have beaten the disease and that it has gone completely. This is not the case.

The worst situation is when people stop taking their regular medicine and of course, the Crohn's comes back in its most aggressive flare-up form. Sadly there is no cure for Crohn's disease and it is often down to the individual to manage their own condition by way of diet, relaxation and stress management. It's important to always take prescribed medicines but, Crohn's disease does seem to affect people on a very unique level so it makes sense for the individual to find out what works for them and to identify any potential triggers.

Food is certainly indicative of a flare-up but so is stress for example. You are right, it is a strange disease but it's also a very painful one so be careful.

You might think that you no longer have the condition but a flare-up could occur at any time. You shouldn't take any symptoms lightly, if they get worse or symptoms change, please do seek medical advice.

Best of luck,


by: Paul

not really that odd at all i've gone nearly 10 years without a major flare up and like an idiot thought that meant i could ignore cd and stop taking drugs, now after a multitude of tests guess whos back i have severe ulceration in my small bowel have had to have 3 iron infusions in 6 months and am now swallowing the usual cocktail of drugs,am totally exhausted and have had to quit work. stay on top of it jazz

by: Angel

Hi, sounds familiar. Blood tests DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT always have to indicate active CD even when you are having a flare and are indicative of active disease in every other way. This can and does occur more frequently than most Drs would have us believe. There is no such thing as an average human being and the blood tests done are based upon such a thing. Get yourself a Dr. who has a clue and listens to you who know your own body and mind. Get them to perform a colonoscopy (not that awful) and if nothing showing get a capsule endoscopy done. INSIST - they are costly and so they don't offer one as norm. You have one life and it is not in your mind - keep going until you get the treatment you need. i still looking for a Dr who knows his/her stuff but I haven't stopped hollering yet!! :) :)

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