Bad days in remission ??

by Jo
(Kent, UK)

Hi there. My 13 year old daughter had a limited right hemicolectomy in April this year. she started off well but in the last few weeks she had been having a few days off school as she has Crohn's pains back. This morning I could actually hear her stomach groaning and then see her hunch over with the pain. Does anyone else still have bad days when they're supposed to be in 'remission'???? Please help! many thanks. Jo

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crohn's NEW
by: Anonymous

I have had crohns for over 25 years now it rules my life, i can't go anywhere or do anything with my daughter no matter what i eat it just goes though me
i cant take any medication for it i have had a operation but that has made no differnce to me i have very bad days some well not too bad but either way i just have to put up with because at the end of the day it wont go away or get better.

havin pain
by: Anonymous

My son was suppose to be in remission but he has been in pain for 2 months. He is 17 and had the crohns since 13. He had to withraw from college to come back home because of the pain. Now the pain is less but he is not in remission. Bleeding stopped because he took remicade ,one shot only. Now Stress is the main problem and then the food. Every time my son eat fast food he gets severe pain and when he eats homemade food "not greasy or hot" he is fine. Do not give her row vegitables they are hard to digest and some of the are very gasy. Drink a lot of liquid.No milk or citrus. If she feels weak give her protein shakes. clara

Remission what Remission?
by: Lizzie

Hi Jo 13 What a shame,she must be so fed up with it all, i am 33 years old and i am also suppose to be in remisison but yet again i am off work unwell with this stupid illness, my stomach is bigger than when i was pregnant and the pains are unbareable, ive spoken to the IBD Team and i just need to try and rest i have already had to resections and never went well after each operation, i feel so much for your daughter as she should be off living her teenage years not living with this illness xx

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