Azithiorprine and conception


My husband's GI advised him to come off azathioprine in early January when he mentioned that we'd like to try for a family this spring.

My husband had a mild flare up at the time (he has ulcerative colitis)and the doc gave him a prescription of 40 mg of prednisone with the idea that he'd slowly wean himself off. Well my husband is now on 5 mg of prednisone and taking asacol and feeling fine.

We were hoping to try to conceive in March sometime, but then that would mean he's only off his azathioprine for 2-2.5 months or so....not the recommended 3 mo. that i've been reading about on the web searches. We'd like to try as safely as possible,in the event that hubby has another flare up and needs to get back on the azathioprine.

What are your thoughts on us trying .5 month to a month earlier than some web search suggestions? Husband plans on calling doc again early this week.

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