azatrioprine treatment for chron's

by davina southgate

hi, my 19 year old dauighter was recently diagnosed with crohn's and it is very severe, she has had 4 perianal abcess and has been told that without this drug the abcess will never go and even with this drug for 5 years it may still not work. she is currently on antibiotics and steroids and is feeling very depressed.she has suffered 4 lots of surgery to drain abcess and has been told she has a fistula, any suggestions from any one and any experiences of the use of this drug would be great as we are considering the natural option, many thanks, davina

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by: Anonymous

Hopefully the Infliximab works for your daughter it is a good drug but has done nothing for my fistula and my specialist is thinking I may be having a chrons flare up so its obviously not working how it should. I have had a bowel resection yes back in Feb 09 and am hoping I don't have to have another one so soon.
I hope your daughter manages to avoid the surgery for as long as possible!! Good luck and best wishes. Kate x

by: davina

many thanks for your comments and im sorry to hear things are so bad for you,My daughter too is still suffering greatly and the azathriopine was stopped after a very short period due to severe side effects and it was not working for her.She has recently started infliximab and has had two infusions so far, so to early to tell if it is working, she is also still on steroids.On admission to hospital recently the surgeons wanted to start removing parts of her bowel but her gastro doctors wanted to try this first as she has a great deal of damage and a few strictures and they feel she may lose the whole bowel.She was so ill she really wanted the surgery as all the drugs have so far failed to work and we are hopeing that infliximab is the drug that will work, i do believe there are a few variations to try if this doesnt but she is not holding her breath.Have you been offered surgery?I had part of my bowel removed myself last year with great results and after 15 years of illness i can say without doubt its the best thing i have ever done......but i know its not the answer for everybody, i so hope something works for you soon.

Azathioprine use for fistula
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm 23 and have had 5 surgeries to drain abscess's, I have a fistula with 6 tracking points and also have CD I'm on azathioprine and also Infliximab infusions, I'm sorry I can't give you good news but neither have done anything for my fistula and so now have had a surgery to put a seton suture in place as a last resort but am still on the Infliximab infusion and azathioprine. My advice is take folic acid tablets and a really good multi vitamin as it does help reduce colds etc what with the immune system being low infections are prone and tiredness will be worse.
Hopefully the azathioprine works for you and the fistula clears up good luck xx

by: Anonymous

i've had many fistulas in my time and i've been on azath for quite some time too. its meant to reduce the effectiveness of your immune system and when i approached my specialist with a bad fistula he ordered me to stop taking azath because my body wouldnt even attempt to clear it up and the poison inside it could put me 6ft under if its not removed.

considering different options
by: Anonymous

have you heard of immunitec or immunicol? I have heard a lot of good things about it from few people. I am thinking of buying it and would like to see if any one in this forum has heard of it or is taking it. There have been many reports of cases where people with terminal conditions and when they took immunitec for few months their conditition improved tremendously. I also read online that it helped people with chron's. I am looming extensively for more details on this product and would like to hear from other people about it.

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