Azathioprine alternatives

by Sandra Cockles
(Lacey WA USA)

I dont want to take Azathioprine anymore. I have researched the medicine and am very turned off by its side effects. I would even like to try something where i dont have to take medicine at all. I hope you can give me some alternative options. Thankyou

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Agreed NEW
by: Connie

I am in the same boat, am definitely beginning to worry about long term effects of Azathioprine/Imuran. I have been on 100mg per day for five years. My Crohn's has been pretty under control and after a recent c'scopy , it has cleared up a lot compared to when I was first diagnosed. Would really be keen for some natural therapies, am already on multi vitamins, fish oil, probiotics, will begin acupuncture soon also. HELP IS NEEDED. I don't want to be on azathioprine anymore, even though I know it has most likely helped and got me to this stage. Doomed if you do, doomed if you don't??

Alternative therapies... NEW
by: Peter Bray

Try probiotics and getting your gut flora back in proper shape,try aloe vera, watch your nutritional intake, acidity/alkalinity, immune system enhancers not immuno-suppressive western crap meds---

Work on your diet and get off processed foods, become your own advocate, do as much research as possible,read, ask, question everybody...24 years of being my adult daughter's Crohns advocate,believe a GOOD gastroenterologist IF you can find one, study the pathogen paratuberculosis and Johne's-disease infected dairy products, I can send you a free copy of my "War on Crohns"---and other research papers all available on the Internet from England, Texas, US, etc---

Im on azathioprine NEW
by: Dannielle

I have to take something due to my disease severity. I have no other options and by stating that I mean I have tried every drug and my body is given out. Hope one day some biologist will make a drug thats herbal or healthier for the body. Eventually my body will turn off this azathioprine too and what will happen well I will eventually die and I dont want that either. I really don't know what to say but I saw this post and would like to know other people comments as well or hope.

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