azasan/immuran joint pain

by Holly

I am 31 years old. I have had Chron's for at least 6 years, but only diagnosed 6 months ago! Never had any joint pain until Azasan/Immuran. Dr thinks it's arthritis due to Chron's, but I am not convinced. It started in my hips and moved rapidly to shoulders, hands, heels and now elbows and knees!! I am feeling to old for my years. I am going to ask the dr to take me off Immuran and try something else. Has anyone else had this trouble? Was it due to meds?

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joint pain
by: Holly

The joint pain was there somewhat even after I got off Immuran, so I finally acccepted that I do suffer from Chron's arthritis. However, my joint pain was relieved when I started Humira injections. So far the Humira has helped all aspects of my Chron's better than anything I tried before. I take Azaszan daily as well, and when I do flare my flares are much milder than before. Thank God for medicine that works!

joint pain here too
by: Anonymous

I've been on Azasan for about 4 months and the joint stiffness is getting worse. Never had it before. When I get up in the morning even my feet hurt and then I loosen up after I walk a bit. It seems my muscles are weakening also.

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