appraisal and poor performance due to illness

by Richard
(Solihull England)

Hi i have a review meeting with my manager this week and my sales are not too good for the last quarter, i am a financial adviser in the uk. How do i explain that performavce has been affected by crohns symptoms and that rather than be off sick i have gone in and struggled on? how do i do this without the Crohns seeming like a poor excuse for poor performace. My figures on the whole usually ok?

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appraisal and poor performance due to illness NEW
by: Annette Young

Hi there,

Thank you for your post. I completely sympathize as I have worked in stressful jobs with targets and deadlines and I know how difficult it is to carry on when you feel so ill.

Having appraisals are always horrible anyway and it can certainly escalate your stress levels especially if you know that your performance has been sub-standard this time. it is rotten that you feel you have to justify for your illness, but you certainly cannot help the fact that Crohn's is a very painful disease.

Do your company know that you have Crohn's disease? I ask because many people try to hide it from their workplace for various reasons, but Crohn's disease does have a habit of becoming a secretive disease and can make an individual feel very alone.

I would always recommend that anyone with Crohn's does communicate the condition to their employers. Most employers will be understanding and certainly if you've worked for a company for a period of time then they should be supportive.

I would suggest going into the appraisal armed with some literature about Crohn's disease. You can pick up leaflets from the hospital or doctor's surgery and let them see for themselves how disruptive Crohn's can be for an individual. Go one step further, and explain how the condition affects you too. Don't be embarrassed, there is no reason to be. But you do have to put the point across. If you have a human resources Department, I would strongly suggest going to see them prior to the appraisal and making them aware of the situation too.

Fingers crossed they will be supportive and will help you to come up with a way where you may be able to manage your job more efficiently for the next quarter.

Do let us know how you get on.
Best wishes,

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