Applying for disability allowance and suffering from Crohns while in school

by Liam

Hi, would just like to know some peoples opinion's on this:

I'm 15 years old and have been suffering from crohns disease for 3 years now. Since my symptoms began I've never really had a time where I haven't struggled from it, I constantly suffer from pain in my stomach and while going to the toilet, and I struggle a lot at times due to the disease.

Being only 15 Crohns affects me very much while at school, I miss days at school because of being in hospital or due to not feeling well enough to go. My school helps out a lot in assistance at school from allowing me to have shortened days at school (majority of my pain & going to the toilet happens in the morning/late evening) and also allow me to use disabled toilets within the school, however I struggle to get a lot of my work done, I'm now in year 11 and am doing a lot of coursework, and because of it I'm getting very very stressed as my G.C.S.E exams get closer

At home It's easier to cope with, as I'm not out anywhere where I might have a problem or an 'accident' that I'm worried about (of which while I'm out I do worry of being embarrassed if anything does happen)
due to this I'm becoming scared to actually leave the house other then for school.

Is it worth applying for Disability Allowance?
with reasons being, stress, missed school, constant problems with the disease, and how much money my mum spends on painkillers (that haven't been prescribed) toilet paper and boxers (as pairs get ruined from 'accidents') and the fact I've suffered for 3 years with none of my treatments/tablets really working

Replys and Opinions are much appreciated :)

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