Anyone ever had a colectomy

by Chris

Was wondering if anyone could tell me what their life is like after a colectomy. I have Chron's disease and have been getting urinary tract infections. I have had tons of test done but they are yet to find the fistula from the intestine to the bladder although all my docs think I do have one just in early stages. The last test (small bowel series) they did find fistulas connecting different parts of the intestine. I spoke with a surgeon and his recomendation was either try Remicade or a colectomy. Remicade is not covered by my insurance but my GI doctor said he may be able to get it for me. My thinking is that Remicade would only be delaying the inevidable and that I'm going to have this surgery someday anyway. My Crohn's normally doesn't give me a lot of trouble but the UTI's are what is giving me issues. Was wondering if anyone ever had a colectomy and could tell me what life is like after. I don't want to have surgery but it may be a chance to be done with Crohn's. According to my doctor about 35% of people have the Chron's return after this surgery. I have a barium enema test coming up next week and then me and the docs have to sit down and discuss what would be the best option. Any thoughts or info that may help is appreciated.

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