Any suggestions - Too weak to cook

I feel too weak to cook but can’t afford to order out every night. What do you suggest?

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Too Weak to Cook NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Thank you for your post.

I am really sorry to hear that you are experiencing great fatigue with your Crohn's disease. Sometimes it affects people very badly and you just feel too exhausted to do anything.

I am assuming you're on your own and therefore have no support? This can make it very difficult because Crohn's is an isolating disease anyway and spending long bouts of time on your own, can make you feel worse.

When it comes to food, you really do need to ensure that your nutrition is as good as it can be, even though you don't feel like preparing it. Perhaps you can take a look at your diet as it is currently and analyse to see which nutrients you may be deficient on. While you are feeling so low of energy, you may find it useful just to take some supplements in the first instance to help top up your diet and this can really help.

Once you start to feel better you can then look at your diet and plan ahead. Planning ahead for the week is a really good idea but you can choose those days when you feel less fatigued and then prepare batches of food for the week. Storing them in the freezer if necessary.

I would suggest that you keep the foods as basic as possible and as bland as possible too. It might not be exciting to eat but it will help. Depending on how the Crohn's is affecting you, you may not be absorbing all of your nutrients and if you have any internal bleeding you may find that you are certainly deficient of iron and are anemic. I would suggest that you go to your doctor and let them advise you on this or, if you can afford it go, to see a nutritionist who will help you with diet sheets so that you can plan to eat more nutritiously and hopefully, have some easy to prepare foods.

I have added a link here which may help in terms of food that is useful for you.

Good luck,

meals on wheels or...
by: Anonymous

There are lots of food delivery organizations for the ill and the elderly. They usually deliver one weeks worth of food at one time. Call medicare, local info resources, ask your PCP for any referrals or leads. Call you health plan. They usually have health coaches or social workers. If you are christian call your church... jewish call your temple, etc. Though this in it self may take more energy than you have, it it will be worth it. Im lucky, I still have my mom at 45 yrs old. Good luck my dear

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