Any older, seasoned Crohns patients, with an ileostomy out there??

by Freese

I have been living with my Crohns disease for about 30 years now. I am 57 years young. My first surgery, a resection, brought me great relief for about 12-months. Symptoms start to occur again, and soon I am in for my second surger; this time, a total colectomy. And from that total colectomy, I walked away with my very own ileostomy, which I have proudly 'worn' for about the past 27 years.
Seven years ago, I developed a hernia at the site of my stoma along with a slight outbreak of Crohns. The doc's solution was to move my stoma from my lower right abdomen, to my lower left abdomen. Surgery was successful and all's been going fairly well.
In the past 3 or 4 months, I have noticed a few difficult times of a 'blockage' I'd guess somewhere right before the exiting of my stoma, and oooooohhhhhhhhh boy, NOT FUN! I am a bit concerned that if along the past several years, the opening in my intestine may be narrowing (due to scarring tissue???), I don't know, just my surmising and that if this becomes a constant problem; where else will they move my stoma; back to the original lower right side???? Or.....I think I'm running out of lower abdomen!!

Just wondering if any other ileostomy patients have experienced anything like this.

Would welcome any input; as I am otherwise always giving 'output'.....sorry, couldn't help myself!!

Thanks all!


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crohns colitis since 1968
by: Cathy

Dear "T"...

I am 62 and have had crohns colitis since 1968, when I was almost 17 years old. I have had all the surgeries, repairs, revisions, so forth.
I would love to chat more with you if you like.
Please feel free in asking any questions you may have. Its a difficult, arduous, frustrating, and, crazy disease.
Hang in there....keep a sense of humor...otherwise, you will be crying, alot.

One day at a time.....hope to hear from you!

Cathy U.

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