Another loss to Crohn's Disease: Cathy Lynn Bray, California

by Peter Bray
(Benicia, CA, USA)

Cathy Lynn Bray and Dad/Peter Bray

Cathy Lynn Bray and Dad/Peter Bray

Dear all:

On Friday, 2/24/12 at 12:20 pm, our daughter Cathy Lynn Bray, 44, passed on to a space called Heaven where no Crohn's Disease exists. She will be missed by us all forever – She will be cremated and her ashes scattered on Mt. Diablo per her request, overlooking all of us. She was our most awesome daughter – Peter Bray

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im sorry, im scared
by: Lydia D.

Dear Jay,

I am sorry to hear where you are at.

Please would you contact Harry who is 14 and 2 months. You can find him at this link and I think that he might be based in the USA:

I suggest that you also take time to read through my conversation with Harry. You might find some information that will help you.

The Japanese start children on a liquid (enteral) diet instead of steroids and this results in remission in most (not all) of the children.

It might be something that you can discuss with your doctors. However, it will mean you wearing a nasal tube all the time, although the increase in quality of life and mobility would mean that it is a relatively small price to pay.

im sorry, im scared
by: jay

i am 13 and have had crohns for 3 years
i have so much pain lost so much weight and i was ment to start high school this year however i am always tired or in pain , not just tummy but joints too, i am on 12 steroids a day and anti immune drugs and a whole heap of iron injections i am so affraid to read that people die from this

how could i ever say im sorry to hear of your loss as thats just words

but i can say this

you daughter may not be here on earth
but she is in your soul always so smile and live for her

love jay 13 yr old melbourne boy

Another loss to Crohn's Disease: Cathy Lynn Bray, California
by: Lydia D.

Dear Peter,

I am sorry to hear of the loss of your daughter. I realise how much work and research you put in supporting her throughout her illness and I have only relatively recently started contributing here.

I am at a loss for words and none that I could provide would be much of a comfort for the big void left in your life.

Sorry, once more.

Lydia D.

by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. 44 is way too young. My wife, 46 has had CRohns for 25 years, and struggles as I'm sure you know. What, if I may ask causes a person to die from Crohns. I've heard of this happeneing, but I';ve never heard exactly how. I'm sorry for the question, I see it's just been days since your daughter has passed. It really scares me that this can happen, and I don't know what the syptoms or signs are, if different from every day struggles.
I appreciate your response, if at all possible right now.
I will pray for your family and that The Lord will hold you close to him as you grieve. Judging from the picture, your daughter had a beautiful smile and I'm sure she was a wonderful person. anyone who suffers from Crohns and can still smile is quite courageous in my book and is an inspriation. May God bless and keep your family.


by: Anonymous

Brings everything to terms. My deepest sympathy for the loss to so many.

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