Alternative Treatments

by Desperate
(Minneapolis, MN)

It's scary to seek alternative treatments. Many western doctors give them thumbs down, but I've seen them help my friend who has suffered with severe Crohn's for ten years.

It's up to you and I'd love to hear feedback, but here are a couple of articles that may help inform you. Come back and comment.....she has tried acupuncture, and other herbal treatments.....any others with similiar experience.

(These are not commercial links - info only)

Both are about alternative treatments. As with you all, this is a desperate situation that interferes with all of life.

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Complimentary therapies.. NEW
by: Annette

Hello there,

Thank you for your post which brings up the topic of using complimentary therapies or natural products to help ease Crohn's disease. It is an interesting subject and many people indeed have become so disillusioned with the disease and its recurring impact on their lives that they are so desperate and willing to try anything including:

Fish oil
Probiotics to name just a few

There are a great many people who have tried probiotics and fish oil and might say that they have felt the benefits.Whether this is 'all in the mind' as some would say or whether they genuinely work for those individuals is another thing. It has to be said that the disease affects people on an individual basis so who is to say that sufferers cannot get some relief from using natural products or therapies but others will not.

There are many 'so called cures out there' but in reality, there is, sadly, no cure for Crohn's disease. I can understand completely why people would try anything to help bring their lives back to some sort of normality but you have to remember that natural herbs and supplements are not without side-effects. If you are going to take anything, at least do some thorough research first but always seek the advice of a qualified practitioner.

It is possible that acupuncture or hypnosis may offer some relief or at least be helpful with Crohn's but it is true to say that they can help with the stress management side of it because it is quite possible that stress is a trigger and can make the condition much worse at times. Equally, you could use general relaxation techniques to help alleviate anxieties and tensions.

Anything that has a feel-good factor can be uplifting and give your health a boost, for example - gentle massage to ease joint pain may be therapeutic for some but not for others. It's certainly worth a try but always with a degree of research and being open minded because remember, this disease impacts people differently and at different times.

I would be interested to know if anyone has had some positive results using complimentary therapies.

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