absesses in the abdominal wall with bladder connection

after 8 years and never having surgery i got food poisoning that flared up my crohns i waited a month before the pressure in my lower abdomen was so great i could not pee the all of a sudden i could pee and it was nasty! my doctor sent me to the hospital where they decided i had a connection between the bowel ans the bladder that has also leaked into my abdomen causing an abscess just below my belly button they kept me for 24 days treated me w antibiotics and that seemed to work then after a month at home my cloudy pee has returned and my doctor again sent me to emerg where without any tests they told me i had a bladder infection and sent me home now the area where the abscess was is red and swollen and hot to the touch im apprehensive to go to the doctor again since i got blown off but i have never heard of a bladder infection causing a red painful lump in the abdomen - has anyone gone through a similar experience?? should i demand another ultrasound to rule out the return of the abscess? at what point should it be considered an emergency?

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by: Anonymous

thanks for your advice yes they did know about my previous stay but in their opinion it is a "hiccup" and based on an ultrasound 9 days previously they thought since it showed only inflamed bowel and not visible fistula or fluid in the suspicious area that it must be a bladder infection - it has been 5 days now and i am not worse still having bladder issues though but as never having many bladder infections im not sure what is normal - im going back 2 my gp tomorrow and see what she says

You should go back to the doctor
by: Mia

I am so sorry that you are going through so much. I would first like to tell you that you definatly should go back to the emergrncy room and demand that they run some test. Ask them to do a CAT scan and do some blood work. Do they know that you was in the hospital for a month because of the connection between the bladder and abdominal wall? This is your health and a lot of times these doctor's will just want to rush you out because they are so busy. Do not feel stupid or embarressed for going back. Maybe there will be another doctor when you go back and he will do the tests that should have been done the first time you went. Remember, we are the one's paying them and they need to do their job right and not half way. There is so many times when I google everything and bring it to the doctor to tell them what test should be done and that I want done. Going back to the doctor can't hurt anything but will only make you feel at rest knowing that they did all the test and put your mind at rest. Good Luck

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