by Kit Campbell
(Tasmania, Australia)

After going in and out of doctors surgeries with stomach problems from the age 3 months old, to having my first really serious bleeding attack at 12 years of age, the following 28 years was filled with bowel bleeding attacks, medications, bowel removal operations, bowel re-sections and the constant threat of a colostomy bag or colon cancer. I can honestly state today, obviously in my understanding, that I no longer have Crohn's and haven't since early June 2000.

I am now working with an IBD and mucosal specialist at the University of Tasmania, in order to provide an alternative way of looking at Crohn's and other gastrointestinal diseases.

For the past 13 years, I have been self-studying neuro biology, neuro plasticity and cell biology, in order to explain to others what the changes were that occurred within me.

During this time, I have written many emails to other sufferers, sharing my thoughts and understandings about this debilitating disease and have had some great results and wonderful letters sent back to me.

Last year, I decided that I wanted to share more to more people and wrote a book, which I finally finished two months ago and have only presently got it up on Amazon as an ebook. With this, I hope to enlighten more people who suffer, from anything, how much of an effect the mind has on the body.

Before you dismiss me and what I want to share, check out my youtube channel, which is where I share most of what's in my book anyway. https://www.youtube.com/user/theirritablebrain

If anyone had told me when I was badly suffering from the horrible symptoms of Crohns, that I could change all this by the way that I thought, I would have told them to get stuffed! And in no uncertain terms too :) But just hear me out, as you have nothing to lose.

This is not about selling. This is about a 54 year old, who suffered for 40 years, her whole childhood and beyond, from Crohn's and then in 2000, in the middle of an acute bleeding attack, literally dropped it and in only 7 days, avoiding the booked surgery and who wants to help others.

I no longer own that name anymore. A Crohn's disease sufferer.

I am still answering emails to anyone who writes to me personally at info@kitcampbell.com

I wish you all the best in your individual journeys. www.kitcampbell.com


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Crohn's CANdida AND CANcer - How They Are Connected
by: Kit Campbell

Much time has passed! Three years on and my energy for searching through research and learning as much as I can just gets stronger and stronger!

My latest research is now on the connection between candida and cancer. Learning and understanding C. Albicans (candida fungus) has now unveiled the truth about ALL gastrointestinal illnesses, as well as many, many more!

To attempt to put it all in a nutshell, is extremely hard, but here is a taste :)

Candida yeast sits in the gut, eats dead organic matter and keeps a balance there. Lactobacillus bacteria keeps it in check. When the immune system is suppressed or compromised by stress, medication (contraceptive pill, steroids etc.), high sugar diet - the candida yeast is enabled to multiply and become candida fungus (C.Albicans)

Understand this pure and simple fact. Candida fungus secretes a hydrolytic enzyme, which breaks down LIVE organic matter. Why? Because it's job is to decompose your body when you die! Whilst you are still living and being the host, this fungus can prolificate and being transmural (due to the hydrolytic enzyme secretion, which allows candida fungus to break through all tissues, out of the gut and into the blood stream and invade any organ of its choice) it cannot be contained in the gut and kept in check by the compromised immune system.

As the fungus secretes this enzyme in the bowel, the bowel lining is the first to be attacked. This causes irritation in the tissues. What is this now known as?!!! IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME!!

Then the irritation turns to inflammation, as the immune system is unable to heal it. This inflammation as we all know, can then lead to ulceration. This is also known as?! CROHN'S DISEASE, COLITIS, ULCERATIVE COLITIS, ILEITIS and the rest!

When the fungus breaks through the bowel wall, you now have?! Yep! LEAKY GUT SYNDROME and also DIVERTICULITIS!

For more information about what the body does next, re the action of ENCYSTING the fungus mass with it's own cells, causing others to give it a name of CANCER.... watch my videos and links to more research and explanations, or email me at info@kitcampbell.com

You can watch my latest videos on my youtube channel for more info! youtube.com/user/theirritablebrain

Got to keep getting the truth out there! I can't do anything but this in my life!

Why? Because I want to empower people who have been given a diagnosis and let them understand that they have a choice to heal themselves

My aim is to reach more people, to share my knowledge and personal experience as proof that the human spirit is powerful and can heal through the power of thought and nutrition.

I am passionate about people understanding that they have a choice, that medicine is not the be all and end all.

Why? Because when I was 12 years old, others, through ignorance and trust, allowed my health to be handed over to the medical profession and again, others chose for me and incorrectly :)

Power to you guys! Let's get everyone well again here! :)

All the best


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