A new different approach to Crohns disease for me

by Carmen

I have suffered with Crohns disease for over 40 years, thought i had tried everything, but am discovering now by changing the way I eat my food is giving me great relief,,,,,,,,,

I am using a method called which is not new, and it is called, Food Combineing...........as first heard of, it was called the Hay Diet.

I am experiencing relief by eating Protein Foods with no Starch Food, replaceing the starch foods with vegetables .

Starch Foods with Acids foods such as vergetables etc, is ok,,,,, same eat protein with acid (vegetables is ok.)

E.G. I will only eat a sandwich with no protien.,

No more ham sandwiches.......no more cheese sandwiches.

No more roast Pork and baked potatoes, although can eat most of the other vegetables......

Anyway it is only early days for me, but definetly noticeing relief.

Try it for yourself......

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A new different approach to Crohn's NEW
by: Annette Young


It is good to read that you have your Crohn's disease under control. I am sure it will give a great many people some hope. Without a doubt, food can act as an aggressive trigger. But the trigger will vary from person to person. There are certain triggers such as spicy foods, hard to digest products, dairy products etc that seem to cause problems within the digesting process.

If food combing is working for you then that is excellent. It makes sense that for many people we do combine the wrong types of food - out of season for example or proteins and starches, but if the foods are not able to be digested properly, then stomach problems can occur. If you get bad wind, acid reflux or heart burn, this is your body telling you that you need to change how and what you eat. Your food is broken down in separate areas of the body, firstly your mouth, stomach, intestines etc and there is mechanical and chemical digestion so understanding the body as a whole is a good idea.

In food combining, no proteins and starches should be consumed at the same meal or vegetables with fruits. There is a lot of information available on food combining and is always worth a try. Changing your diet substantially is difficult as it means changing your whole approach to food but if it helps, then it is a change worth making.

I hope your health continues to improve and for anyone who wishes to try food combining, here is a link with more information.


Hope this helps?


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