A Long Year

by Rafael
(New York City)

I writing to you from New York City it has been under a year that I've found out that I have crohn's disease, I should start by saying I've really been stress about this. I've had two flare up in the last 8 months. I loss my job of 6 years because i couldn't keep up with the work, I thou they understood and I was wrong, I feel I live in a bathroom at times, I've lost so much weight and feel I have no that understands me, I know the person I was before this happen to me, and i just can't funtion the way I did before. I know it could be worst. I feel like it has control of me and I can't get a hand on this disease. just want to screeemmmmm!

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A Long Year NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

I'm so sorry to hear that you were diagnosed with Crohn's disease in the last year and that it has been so difficult for you. You are not alone in feeling shocked and frustrated by being diagnosed.

It's not much fun being told you have a disease that is incurable. I know many others with Crohn's who have also suffered in the workplace, sometimes through lack of communication and embarrassment and other times through employers just not been supportive in any way. I'm sure losing your job because of your health just added to the frustration.

Do you have any family or friends that can support you on an emotional level? Having people around you who understand what is going on can make a big difference. If not, then obviously use this forum to make contact but there may be local support groups in your area so you can have the benefit of meeting and talking with others who know exactly what you're going through.

I know how debilitating Crohn's can make your life. Fingers crossed, it will not always be this way few. Crohn's disease does have a habit of suddenly going into a remission period which can last for days, weeks, months and for many people, years. So I hope this gives you some hope. Flare-ups can and do occur but it least your body has a chance to rest in between these aggressive bout and you get some degree of normality back then.

I'm sure you've read up on all the things to avoid but just as a reminder, eat easy to digest foods-avoiding dairy products if possible, eliminate alcohol and smoking and try to not have too much stress in your life. The latter can be quite hard to do.

I hope by the time of reading this you are feeling much better and that you are on medication which can help to alleviate some of the symptoms and to manage Crohn's for you.

But do let us know.

hope this helps
by: Anonymous

I have lost just over 60lbs now and can understand how you feel. Im 21 this time last year i have bought my first house with the person i loved. As things started to get worse i stopped going out and got really depressed. As a result im now on my own with a house to pay for. Im starting to get my life back on track but it all came as a big shock, it does get easier to deal with.

Im currently going through a really bad flare up and so far this time i have not taken time off work although i dont no how much longer it will last.

I have recently started seeking Homeopathic remedies recomended by another sufferer and them seem to have help a lot. So far the flare ups are not as often.

Hope this helps. Ive never look on here before and i no to me its just such a great comfort to know im not the only one.

A Long Year
by: JoAnne

I understand about you wanting your old life back. I was so out going and loved to work and be around people. Now I stay at home, because you don't want to be away from a restroom too long. I don't feel any of the medication that they give me helps and I cry, because I worked too hard to get the job of my dreams and great pay just to lose it for some crazy disease. I wish there was answers for you but I haven't found any in 9 years. So just start looking for jobs that you can do from your home and pray that someone comes up with a cure of us all.

A Long Year
by: Anonymous

Rafael, I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better. My son, 19, was recently diagnosed with Chrons and suffers too. He has lost 60 lbs. in 6 months. Just know that people are thinking of you and praying for you in the hopes that at some point your disease will stabilize and go into remission.

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