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I was diagnosed 2 years ago. I'm 20 going on 21 years old and I have to say that thankfully I have been able to control my Chron's quite well! In the begging all I want to do was be in bed and I would get easily angry at everyone and everything. I was the most easy going person before and it was extremely hard to get me even a little angry. So I shut myself away from everyone and just started to try different foods little by little, to see what would help me out the most. I also read that working out helps so I signed up at the gym and I also start taking Yoga and Pilate's, which in turn gave me a calm that helped me get rid of daily stress. Now my diet consist of carbs and protein, like: Turkey, Red meat twice a week, Tuna, Salmon, Chicken, White bread made with no milk, and rice. If you make ur own mashed potato's then you can get that too, even streamed vegs but only very few times a week. Fruits I have a smoothie I make at home 1 a week. As for sweets Lollipops are great!
If I ever get thirsty I make tea of all sorts but always made sure they don't have any lactose!

I hope this becomes helpful for others and I wish others the best of luck :-)

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Crohn's and adaptability NEW
by: Annette


Thank you for your post. It's good of you to take the time to help others and I am sure that people will be encouraged by your experiences. Sadly, it is quite common for sufferers to feel angry at everything in life especially in the early stages.It is difficult for families too because they don't know what to do to help those who are suffering, so frustration is also a big factor.

Fatigue is a big issue in connection with this disease and I am sure many sufferers like you, wanted to simply shut themselves away for hours on end. High levels of fatigue can also trigger off feelings of anger even if you don't feel like you have the energy for it.

Many people report that working out can really help even if it is the last thing you feel like doing. Working out does not mean running a marathon. You have to approach exercise with caution and control. Yoga and Pilates can be great for anyone who is suffering from Crohn's or indeed has any other condition, this is because it takes a whole body approach to health and fitness. Yoga is also wonderful at helping with rising stress levels. You could also try meditation. This can be really useful in relaxing the whole body and boosting sleep.

I am really glad that you have found a diet that works for you. Keeping food plainer is often the answer, avoiding spicy foods that can upset the digestive tract. You can still have tasty food even if it is a little blander. Reducing alcohol is also a good idea, eliminating dairy products can be good for some people and of course, stop smoking. These can all be very painful triggers that can cause very uncomfortable flare-ups.

Having Crohn's disease can be very frightening and although there is a lot of information about Crohn's available, it can often seem as if it is all doom and gloom and this is not the case. It can settle for long periods of time, even years but flare-ups can and do occur too. It's great to hear from someone who has managed to understand how the condition impacts them and has changed their life accordingly.

Good luck for the future.

If anyone else has adapted their life to help beat the symptoms of Crohn's disease, it would be great to hear from you.

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