9 year old gifted with crohns

by Fiona

My nine year old son has been identified as gifted. He also has crohn's disease. He has been offered the opportunity to attend a self contained gifted class in a different school. It is a great opportunity. He thinks the program is great and looks like a lot of fun, but refuses to go because he doesn't want to leave his friends. Will the stress of making him go have an adverse effect on his crohns? The program starts in September. He is due for his first surgery in June. He is currently on Remicade.
I think for his schooling this is a great opportunity for him and this decision is never easy for a 9 year old - they never want to leave their friends. What does anyone think?

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9 year old gifted with crohns NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Thank you for your comment. I think it is great that your son has such a wonderful opportunity. But you are right to have some concerns.

Stress is a huge trigger when it comes to Crohn's disease flare-ups so I think that you will have to manage the transition sensitively. It will all be in the preparation so that the move becomes an exciting one and not something that is scary.

Any child leaving all of their friends will naturally be daunted as it is a huge upheaval although children generally seem to adapt more than most adults. Perhaps teaching him some relaxation techniques and breathing techniques so he can self-manage any anxieties or nervousness? Very simple techniques that can be incredibly beneficial.

He can also learn some affirmations which are powerful statements of intent and this can help him to face up to new situations more readily.

I would suggest also having a word with any new teachers so they understand if he suddenly experiences abdominal pains or bouts of diarrhea.
Having Crohn's should not limit his potential providing it is managed well.

I have attached a link for relaxation techniques for children as this can be a good starting point for you.

Hope it all goes well.


9 year old gifted
by: Anonymous

hi sorry to here your son has crohns, my wife has had it 35 years remicade was not available then ,but it is good if it works for him its like a chemotherapy but doesnt work for everyone . if it is controling his crohns i say let him go and enjoy life to the full . crohns can be controled if caught early enough . good luck to him hope this helps you .

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