7 month old baby with chrons

by matthew long

can a 7 month old baby have chrons disease and if so what are the symptoms

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Tonda's article..
by: Renee

Dear Tonda I just found this forum. I was so happy to see that this forum exists. You mentioned that your son had CROHNS since birth. Our daughter was just diagnosed this past SEPT 09 when she was only 6. How did you know of the inflamation around your childs heart? Our daughter had swollen joints and things like that but the swelling around the heart is very scary! please share whatever you can with us. I hope your son is doing better now. Has anyone on this forum taken the new injections out on the market yet? It is supposed to help cut back or illiminate steroid meds.

7 month old with Crohns
by: Della

Hi Matthew

I have late onset of Crohns (at 65) and know of no one else in my family with the disease, except a 5 year old niece. Her pediatrician was surprised because she is so young, but as Anonymous said, it is according to the doctor's knowledge of Crohns. My heart goes out to you and your little one. You are in my prayers.

yes a child can have chrons at birth!
by: tonda

yes they can . my son has had it since birth, hes 8 years old now, i noticed blood in his stools when he was about 2 weeks old. and he has ran very high fevers and had night sweets since he was a baby. hes on disabilty for his chrons. he was in the hospital 4 times last year because of his chrohns . he even had paracaditis last year. (enflamation around his heart )hes doing a lot better now . the chrons has even caused a hole in his nose. the part that runs up through the middle of your nose (spectum) he goes to the ent about that monday the 25th . im just praying they can do something about that hes so young. just really stay on doctors because thats what i had to do. they had to do 2 colon astomy;s on him. hes been through alot. thanks tonda.

Regarding 7 month old with crohn's
by: Anonymous

Hello, I am not sure if they can have it or not but I know when I asked my son's doctor when he was almost 3 she told me that it would be to early to be able to tell. All doctor's are different and have their own oppinions but the best thing is to talk to your babys doctor about your concerns.

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