6 year old twins with Crohns

by Angie
(West Australia)

In January of this year my son Alex was diagnosed with Crohns and then in March his twin brother Matt was also diagnosed.They had blood tests showing the inflammation, xrays,MRIs,colonoscopy's,Endoscopys. As we live 350 kms from the childrens hospital its all been very disruptive for our family of 6.Both boys have been on the Modulen diet.Alex did 8 weeks and we have been slowly reintroducing food.Matt has 3 weeks left on the Modulen. I would love any feedback or advice on good foods to give them. We are doing wheat free,lactose free,sugar free. Alex had a frozen yoghurt one evening and has been ill for 4 days since.
cheers Angie

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by: Sophie

My son was diagnosed in December he was 13 at the time. His identical twin brother is now showing exactly the same symptoms and is at the doctor tonight to start the process.
His brother isn't in remission yet and starts methotrexate today. I find Crohns so hard to get my head around with diet etc. Its going to be a long road ahead for the poor boys.

6 year old twins with Crohns
by: Anonymous

My heart goes out to you because you all have a challenging time ahead of you. Crohn's in children may lead to stunted growth. To avoid this liquid feeds (astronaut drinks) in a flare are a real must. I know that they are expensive, but you have to ensure that they are getting the calories and the vitamins.

When they are in a flare:
Stick to easy to digest foods. Keep away from red meat and salads, avoid dried fruit and nuts, oranges, grapefruit (interacts adversely with many medications), fruit juice, sugar, fatty foods, skins, pips and whole grains. Avoid consomees and watery soups.

Low fibre vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, fish, chicken, soya, bananas, apple mousse, peaches, apricots (in moderation), lactose-free milk, soya milk, very diluted fruit juice, no soft cheeses, toast, rice, noodles, etc. Mashing or pureeing food makes it more digestable. For soups aim for a heavy broth consistency then it won't just wash through. Thicken with potato or similar. Add calories by adding a few mls of olive oil.

Good fat, such as olive oil and sunflower oil for cooking. Fish oil, walnut and linseed oils are very good for one. However, you cannot cook with them. They both come in very small bottles, which must be kept in the fridge and used up quickly.

Keep a diary of what they can tolerate together with symptoms and medication. A folder for each child will make life easier for you. You can also file any articles you may find.

Please make sure that you obtain all medical reports for them and file accordingly. I have put together a (now) 4-page health CV for myself, which contains tabulated details of my insurance details, blood group, emergency contacts, hospitalisations, allergies, intolerances, etc.

by: Vanessa

I am so sorry to hear about your twins :(. I am 30 years old and I am leading a normal life, I work, I am married, I go out with my friends... They have the find the good treatment for them and they will start living again. I am so sorry they and your family have to go through that.
Good luck

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