25 years and counting

by Shelly
(Wichita, Kansas)

I've had Crohn's for 25 years, had 3 bowel resections with 2 in the last year. Diet for me has played a key role, noting a high fat diet can definitely make matters worse. I stay away from most processed sugars and all artificial sugars now. I love coffee, but limit myself to one a day. When I splurge on a Starbucks mocha, I'll get it with skim milk, no whip. When my flare-up was at it's worse, I drank many, many Ensures. Some dental offices offer coupons and can save you alot of money. These have alot of sugar, but at this point they are essential. My second bowel resection was right after my baby brother passed away suddenly, he was 21 years old. Stress does affect the disorder. My Crohn's had been active for about 10 years but I managed it quite well without medications. Unfortunately, after this surgery, scar tissue became a problem in which case Remicade and other meds cannot do anything about and thus resulted in another resection 10 months later. My GI wants me to continue the Remicade and 6mp even though I now feel great as a precaution, but I am skeptical. Since I just began these in the last year, I really don't know much about them.

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To the mother of the 13 year old
by: Anonymous

Crohn's disease is very serious. Your son should always follow doctors orders and take his medication responsibily otherwise he can end up suffering alot of pain.

To Mom of 13yr old son with Crohns
by: 25yrs & counting

To the mom of the 13yr old boy with crohns, I managed to stay off meds for about 10yrs due mostly that it was after my first bowel resection in 1985 and the diseased area was removed. Why it didn't come back I really don't know to be honest. after about 10yrs or so I noticed symptoms and eventually went back on Asacol and I stayed away from popcorn, corn, seeds, milk, lettuce and anything that may aggravate the colon. Remember, food doesn't cause crohns but if the colon is already inflammed, these foods and many others can aggravate it and may cause a blockage. Dried fruit also can be a problem. All sugar can cause inflammation and should be avoided. I currently am on Remicade and recieve B12 shots. After the two bowel resections (Aug.06 and July 07) The diseased area is gone, but take Remicade for maintenance. I was on 6MP but due to low white blood cells I went off recently. I feel very good and try to eat healthy, grains, fruit(low acidic and no pulp), vegetables, lean meat, green tea, lots of water, limit dairy to yogurt and some cheese, yoga and walking. I try to stay away from anything fried and high fat. I was told that meds like Advil can aggravate Crohns too. Author Jill Sklar has a book I loved called: The First Year, Crohns Disease And Ulcerative Colitis. I bought it at Borders. Good Luck!!

25 years and counting
by: Anonymous

Your story interested me when you said you managed for 10 years without meds. My son (13) was just diagnosed. The only symptom he ever had was blood in his stool. He has never suffered the diarhea, vomiting, pain, etc. His doctor is adament about putting him on meds and I am against it. He eats very healthy, is not a junk food eater, doesn't eat greasy foods, and stays away from dairy products except for an occassional ice cream. The dr. told me if he didn't take meds, it would escalate into a worse case. What do you think? Thanks

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