2013 Crohn's Disease Stories

Here are the latest stories from our visitors.  As usual, they discuss the various struggles with Crohn's Disease, dietary needs, supplementation, surgeries, medications and just everyday life.  Read what others have to say and if you'd like, join in and share your own story with us!

January - June 2013 Stories

"I just found out i have this , my mother got colon cacner because of untreated celiacs disease , it is no joke , but i am glad i know i have it , i was depressed and did not have a normal bowel movement for a year , then i started to feel like i would vomit after each time i ate , in two days of not eating gluten i was almost back to normal , thank god i found out , hope this helps."

Thanks for sharing.  Yes a lot of people have found relief of their Crohn's symptoms by eliminating or reducing the amount of gluten in their diets.  In fact, some of the latest Crohns research covers this topic.

"I am going to start the vegetable puree diet and I'm having a hard time coming up with the recipes to use so that I will hopefully enjoy this new lifestyle. My doctor in New Buffalo, Michigan told me that it was recommended for Crohn's sufferers through a doctor he met from New York that has treated himself this way... I am hoping I have the right doctor who recommended this diet. I just did an internet search with your name and where you were from and Crohn's which led me here. Any suggestions or tips would be helpful, I really appreciate it! Also, I love this website! Glad I found it!"

You might want to check out the forum.  There are a lot of posts there concerning diets for Crohns.  You can also post and perhaps someone has some suggestions/recipes for you.

"I just found your site and i want to say that I've found a lot of great info here between the stories that I have read and the posts on the forum.  It's inspiring and very helpful to know that other people are dealing with the same type of issues, and that there are solutions.  Hopefully one day they will come up with a cure for Crohn's once and for all!  Thanks."

We're glad you're finding the site useful.  We try to provide as much information as we can.  Sometimes one post has the answer that someone's been looking for for a long period of time and we're happy we're able to be that kind of resource.

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