17 years old.. Crohn's Disease

by Jena
(Banks, Or, USA)

I have had all symptoms of Crohn's disease for two years. It has been extreme pain to my stomach and causes me to not want to eat. I can't keep myself out of the restroom, and it is driving me crazy. I have been to the doctor multiple times and have been only tested in the liver and ovaries. Nothing is causing it from those areas. My doctor believes it is just stress and refuses to do any further testing. Every visit I make she just perscribes more medicine. A stomach relaxer, and an anti-depressant to help relieve stress. I don't think any of it is helping and the stress level is only because of the pain this is causing me. I am only 17, and started feeling sick at 15. Can someone please tell me what i should be looking for? And possibly how you feel having crohn's disease? I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

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