16yrs teen boy with Crohns

by Cylin
(Cape cod)

Since 2001 my son was treated for Crohns, he's been to childrens hospital to mass general hospital and been there since 2004. In all these years we seem to not keep him on any treatments, everything we give him never takes body seems to reject! Now it's 2013 and his Crohns progressed in pain all day, tried every med and even have the GI team puzzled? Nothing seems normal other than he has heart is rapid, blood pressure issues and a tummy full of pain now what leave this little boy like this because no cure for Crohns? So now giving him Prozac so he can deal with this due to no more we can do? Who helps us insurance wont let me go out of state for 2nd option. However the mayo in MN is even willing to take him but due to insurance my son suffers?

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Boy with Crohns
by: Peter Bray

Send me your e-mail address and I'll send you a FREE two-page summary with international links to Crohn's researchers. Eliminate dairy with the MAP bacteria, Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis from Johne's Disease-infected dairy herds, and seek anti-MAP therapy in the US, England and Australia. My daughter Cathy died at age 44 in 2012 after 24 years of Crohn's and conventional meds are crap because they're immuno-suppressive and only reduce the effectiveness of the immune system to reduce symptoms, but don't arrest the destructive pathogen. E-mail me, PetrBray@AOL.com. Benicia, CA. No cost. I'm a Crohn's Cure advocate!

Response to ad request
by: Peter Bray

Sorry, not interested in running any ads on my sites.

Peter Bray, Benicia, CA

15 yrs teen boy now without Crohn's
by: Kit Campbell

Hi there,
I feel your pain as I know my mother suffered much watching me suffer from 3 months old. Diagnosed with Crohn's at 13 yrs, I then went through medications and operations until 2000, where it all stopped for me and in the middle of an acute bleeding attack and in only 7 days.
I no longer have Crohn's, not because of what I eat or don't eat, not because any medication 'worked' for me, but because of the way I changed how I used my mind.
I share with many other sufferers around the world now and the results in the change of their health is significant, to the point where a 15 year old in Bulgaria, asks the question as to whether he had Crohn's in the first place he feels so well.
What is going on in your son's mind? What was happening in his life BEFORE his first complaint of a tummy ache? How was his home life? Were there any stresses in the family relationship? Has he been bullied at school? Is he playing violent video games for long periods of time, keeping him in the fight or flight mode, allowing the hormone Cortisol to start destroying his cells? Is he eating 'dead' food?
Ask more questions of what is in your son's head and what goes on to his plate as opposed to just accepting the medical sentencing of 'your son has Crohn's disease'.
It's just a name. Take away the symptoms and the name means nothing.
All the best and again, like Peter (hi Peter :) ) those who have suffered as a result of this debilitating 'disease' want to help.
I can be contacted at info@kitcampbell.com
All the best and know that this is a journey, not the destination. Everything changes, everything will change and a lot of the changes you create for yourself :)

Crohn's Disease
by: Peter Bray

Study MAP on the Internet, Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis, the pathogen from Johne's disease-infected dairy products. Check out the research of Dr. Tom Borody in Australia and Prof. John Hermon-Taylor arresting Crohn's with a three -component antibiotic. It's in the medical literature. Peter Bray, Benicia, CA
E-mail me for details: PetrBray@AOL.com

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