Here's an article with important principles about coping with stress and pain through exercise.

If you have Crohn's Disease, the principles in this article can make a difference in your life.

From Dr. Keith Jeffery's Newsletter:

Less Stress, Less Pain

Often people ignore low level pain until it grows so big that it reaches out, grabs them and hauls them off to the hospital.

Same with stress. It builds, slowly but insidiously, creeping into life like a cat stalking a mouse, virtually unnoticed. When it pounces into your life, you react with anger, frustration, depression, insomnia, illness and often a significantly reduced ability to function.

Pain and stress are the best of buddies. Increased stress is usually associated with increased pain and vice versa. So... reduce stress to reduce pain. And, once again, vice versa...

The secret in management of both pain and stress? Take small regular (daily, or even hourly) actions to keep their levels at bay. Awareness is the key, but in crazy hectic days, small symptoms are often ignored by most people, sometimes with tragic results.

The good news? Awareness is improved with practice. Practice takes very little time each day - just a few minutes. T'ai chi and 4 Minute Fitness offer short segments to look inside, to briefly step off life's treadmill and breathe, relax, move, stretch and re-focus on positive thoughts and gratitude.

From the Tao te Ching (Lao Tzu) Poem #63

"Confront the difficult
while it is still easy.
Accomplish the great task
by a series of small acts."

You are vitally important. Offer yourself 4 minutes of uninterrupted time once or twice a day and attend regularly to the small details that can make every day better. Even spectacular!

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Isn't it wonderful that wrinkles don't hurt?

~~< Question Period >~~

Q. Can t'ai chi be done from a sitting position?

A. (I'll use this email from a person with limited mobility to answer the question). "I am absolutely adoring the program (4 Minute Fitness). You are one of the few instructors that get on the student's level.

I turned mental cartwheels when you did the exercises from a sitting position! It was so awesome! It's easy and IT WORKS!

I would seriously recommend this product to anyone who has a disability such as paralysis." (L. Hall, TN)

People with limited mobility need to exercise their back, neck, arms and waist to increase strength, circulation and mobility. Tai Chi for Busy People and 4 Minute Fitness are terrific ways to exercise from a sitting position.

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Keith Jeffery

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