Definition of colonoscopy

Colonoscopy is a procedure used to check for Crohn's Disease (and cancer) that allows the doctor to examine (literally look at) a person's intestines from the inside.

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It is through a colonoscopy that a doctor can see if there is inflammation or abnormalities in the rectum, intestines and colon.

The patient is given pain medication and a mild sedative so they can stay relaxed and comfortable during the procedure. A colonoscope (a long, flexible, lighted tube) is inserted into the patient's rectum and is slowly guided up through the small intestines and further up into the colon.

There is a tiny camera in the scope that transmits an image of the lining of the colon. By examining the image on a video monitor, the doctor can check for any abnormalities. If any are detected, the doctor can either remove it or take samples to be tested in a lab.

What has been described above is a conventional colonoscopy. There is also Capsule Endoscopy. This is done using a disposable, miniature video camera contained in a capsule which is ingested by the patient. More than 100,000 patients worldwide have had this procedure.

From an article about Given Imaging, the manufacturer:

"Capsule Endoscopy allows us to confirm Crohn's disease in patients whose symptoms are suggestive, but whose evaluation is inconclusive," stated Jamie S. Barkin, M.D., Professor of Medicine, University of Miami, School of Medicine and Chief, Division of Gastroenterology, Mt. Sinai Medical Center. "Access to this innovative, diagnostic tool means that patients with suspected Crohn's disease can now receive a definitive diagnosis sooner, and ultimately benefit from newer treatment modalities."

More and more insurers are covering the costs of this new procedure.

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