Weight gain, used to smoke with Crohns Disease

by Mollie
(allen texas)

It is like every time I quit smoking and get healthy, I always gain weight. I stopped smoking ciggerattes and drinking for more than 6months, and I am gaining weight Still. How do I keep my self esteem up and not gain so much weight. I excersice few times a week when my muscles and joints or not stiff or hurting, or when I have tummy or head ache pain. It's like I tried everything and nothing seems to work. Can anybody help me?

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by: Dannielle

Hello guys. Thank you for all the comments and responses from my post. :D
Glad some people are helpful and thoughtful. It is true to take the simple holistic approach . Since my last post, I been doing just that. It is hard for many reasons such as other living being in same house hold , and the withdrawals from food, addiction for cravings for unnecessary foods.
I been doing wraps/ detox drinks, aloe Vera juice, chlorophyll , trying to eat simple. The main issue is I know I need protein, since I have Crohn's disease , eating meats hurt my tummy. Also, I just do not prefer meats .
I consider myself semi vegan :) plus , it is healthier:)
The craving and hunger of food , food , and more food leaves me straining. I believe it is my body wants protein, and do not know how to supply that with out eating meat. I take b12 shots monthly, but that is not enough. Truly, appreciate all the informations will try extra harder. I am fairly active in gym, Pilates, gym, and swimming . If anyone have any great food ideas on vegetarian meals. I'm trying to eat fresh food on a budget . Again thank you for the information. Have a nice day guys.

Weight gain and used to smoke NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Thank you for your post. Congratulations for giving up smoking. As an addiction counsellor, I know how difficult it must have been and I hope you have managed to stay off of them still.

Many people have told me that they cannot bear to put on weight following giving up smoking.It is one of the biggest reasons why people cling to smoking (that and because it is addictive of course). Smoking suppresses your appetite so when you stop smoking, you will start to eat more and you may find that food actually tastes better as a result and this is because your taste buds start to return to normal.

Now because you have Crohn's disease, you may have a battle with food and find that the more you eat, the more uncomfortable you feel including bloating, diarrhoea, constipation and this along with feelings of unaccustomed weight gain will make you feel concerned. So the trick is to learn your dietary needs which means looking at nutritional levels within your food, understanding the importance of the nutrients and what they do for your body as opposed of just eating anything because you feel hungry.

It's very easy to get into bad habits and to start craving for chocolate, sweets and of course cigarettes but don't fall into that trap. You don't need any of it and you can fight your cravings. So if you are eating processed foods or an abundance of sweet snacks and topping this off with carbonated drinks then these are the first things that you must eliminate.

These things are not good for your digestive tract anyway and if you eat natural, simple, fresh foods and mash them or puree them, you will find that it is much easier to eat and to enjoy your food and will have less bloating as a result.

I have found that it helps to take a holistic approach to life and to live as simply and naturally as possible. This means eliminating chemicals and unnatural substances whilst focusing on all of the things that the body does actually need including exercise. When you are in pain you will not want to exercise but as your condition settles, you will find that you can do a little more each day and will feel better as a result. I really hope that this helps you.

Best wishes,
Annette Young

Weight gain, used to smoke with Crohns Disease NEW
by: Lydia D.

It is commendable that you have stopped smoking and drinking. I shared a ward earlier this year with a 30 year old Crohn's patient who had smoked for 15 years and who had just had a major (first) heart attack. She had a stent placed and will be on beta-blockers for the rest of her life. In those 15 years she was never free from Crohn's symptoms. She did stop smoking.

My first suggestion would be to cut out all pure sugar sources from your diet, including sodas, sweets, chocolates, honey, syrup, etc.

You don't say what other meds you are on, but be aware that your various joint and muscle aches and pains might be due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies and not just Crohn's extraintestinal symptoms.

Make sure that you are getting enough vitamin C and the 8 B-complex vitamins (the water-soluble vitamins). There is little likelihood of you overdosing on the water-soluble vitamins. There is an upper limit of 50 mg B6 per day, but you would need to take a handful of vitamin B-complex tablets to get to that dose.

A fish oil tablet a day should help you keep the fat-soluble vitamins topped up. For minerals drink tomato juice, milk (lactose-free if necessary), diluted fruit juice (if tolerated), home-made soups, etc. Fruit is high in sugar, so go heavy on the vegetables instead. If your vitamin and mineral intake is optimal and you exercise each day you should be able to control your weight.


Drinking Cola and co. will eventually result in osteoporosis. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-408800/Women-warned-stop-drinking-cola-avoid-brittle-bones.html

Be aware that if you are on certain medication, you may develop dietary deficiencies:



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