Weight gain crohns

by Cindy
(Eureka CA)

Can someone tell me how long it might take to gain the weight back that I lost before I started treatment for crohn's? I've always weighed 125, good weight for me, and now I'm down to 103lbs. I've been taking lialda and entocort for a month now, using whey protein powder, 60 grams a day. I am on a low residue diet, and do eat a lot of high calorie foods. I haven't had diarhea for a month. Any info would be appreciated. Just to have someone to talk to that understands what I'm going through would be nice.
Thank You

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Weight Gain Crohn's NEW
by: Annette Young

Hi there Cindy,

Thanks for your question, sorry to read about your weight-loss problems.weight loss is very common for those with Crohn's unfortunately.

I know many Crohn's sufferers who have lost a great deal of weight and become painfully thin until the disease has settled and they have learned to identify the triggers, ultimately avoiding them so that they can eat better foods.

My own mother became dreadfully ill before and during her diagnosis with Crohn's disease, she lost so much weight she became almost skeletal but once she was put on the right medication, she was very gradually able to put the weight back on which was a relief to all of us because she looked so much healthier then.

I think it would be quite important to you to check with your doctor that you are absorbing all of the nutrients. If you are anemic, experiencing lots of diarrhea or being sick, it is possible that nutrients and fats are not able to be absorbed into your body.If it is possible for you to go back to your doctor or to see a qualified nutritionist, this is one course of action I would recommend.

A friend of mine went on to some type of protein drinks only to discover that she was lactose intolerant and this caused a whole new set of problems. Certainly if you can find out the foods that you are able to eat and to increase the calories then good fats, you should put on weight providing of course that your food is being digestive and absorbed normally

There are protein shakes that have been made for sufferers of Crohn's and other digestive disorders so this might be an option. Do just check the ingredients to make sure that there are no potential triggers that could cause a bad attack and then you can take the shakes even on days when you feel unable to eat. At this stage I would recommend getting proof that your food is being digested. That is the most important part at the moment, afterwards you can then try to build your body up.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,


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