Symptoms of Crohns

by Victor

I want to know if a person with Crohn's Disease sometimes get pus filled bumps on parts of there body like face and butt? And does it cause your stomic to swell even through you are not eating much at all, and what are other symptoms?

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Fistulas and crohns
by: Anonymous

every since i have been on Immuran, i've had no more

Fistulas & Crohns
by: Anonymous

Yes, fistulas can be associated with Crohns. I first started having symptoms of Crohns disease 32 years ago. Before it was diagnosed, the doctors didn't know yet what was causing the acute diarrhea, fever, lack of appetite, extreme fatigue and sores on the lower part of my legs. One doctor even sent me to a dermatologist. However, when I was finally diagnosed as having Crohn's, the gastrointerologist said the fistulas was one of the symptoms. Since then, I've been able to keep it under better control and have not had the fistulas again.

by: Shawna

Yeah they are called fistulas. I had one on the left side of my rectum and had to have a seton band put in. I have also heard about people having them on the outside of their abdomen around their belly buttons. Even though the seton band has been removed and I am on Humira, the fistula still acts up if if I have a bad flare up from Crohns.

Hope this helps.

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