Well my husband has had chron's disease since he was the age of 8, that makes it 12 years of Chron's. He has like a bridge connecting from his intestine (or stomach) to his bladder. So when he uses the bathroom, bubbles come out. It has gotten to the point where he had to schedule an appointment for surgery. This is his first surgery, he has turned it down many many times. He feels so bad that he just wants to feel good. He says he wants a normal life with his family.

Is there anyone who can give me any advice for him?

He is very nervous and he doesn't know what to expect. The reason why his Chron's has gotten worse is because he stresses about EVERYTHING. He falls asleep thinking. He doesn't know how to control himself of thinking far beyond and he knows that this is what causes his flare ups.

His surgery is soon and I want to give him faith that he can live a normal life (we know that he will be drinking medicine for the rest of his life.)

Thank you in advance.


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by: Annette Young


Thank you so much for your message.
I am very sorry to read that your husband is having such a bad time of it. I am sure he is fed up with living in pain and probably feels angry and frustrated. If he has to have an operation and is fearful of it, this will certainly make his condition worse.

Stress is a huge factor and can make the condition so much worse. At one time, it was believed that stress was the cause of Crohn's disease although we now know that this is not the case.It certainly acts as a trigger though and should be avoided at all costs.

If your husband is feeling very nervous and anxious, then he might benefit from learning some relaxation techniques. If he practices deep breathing techniques, and learns to let go of anxieties, he may well find that the condition improves a little. He could try meditation too. This can be used as a wonderful healing resource too and can calm the mind as well as to release tension in the body.

The hardest thing with this disease is accepting it and learning to live with it. Many people battle anger and frustration but accepting it will help to some degree.

I hope this helps and his hospital treatment helps him.

Best of luck to you all,


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