surgery for crohns

by lateef uddin
(Manhattan, KS, USA)

My mother is suffering from crohns disease for past 4 years and her condition is worsening day by day. I would like to know if there is any surgery that can be performed instead of medications and treat crohns? Is there any hospital in india or any other country which does this surgery?

I wud be thankful if someone cud provide me with this piece of information as soon as possible.....

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by: Anonymous

the only surgery is removing the area of bowel that is diseased.Go talk to a good doctor who can get your mum to specialist usually they do a colonoscapy to have a good own surgery was a illeostomy and that stopped a lot of crohns side effects,especially fistulas.its abig op tho,and scary having to go through something like that but for me the pros far out wayed the cons.GOOD LUCK TO YOUR MUM..


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