Surgery for Crohn's

by Bridget

Been diagnosed with Crohn's October 06 and had surgery 6 weeks ago (double resection). Am off all meds now and Doctors tell me that I am now in remission.
I know Crohn's is incurable and am just wondering how long remissions last usually after surgery.

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My expierience
by: Steve

I had my surgery back in 1993 and since have been off all medication and for the most part feeling fine. I am now, for the first time in 15 years starting to feel like I am having some issues again although after that long of a time span, I am refusing to believe it's back. I think I might be an exception to the rule but just wanted to let you know that there is hope of forgetting about it for a long time!

Remission & how long?
by: Shell

Bridget, I am from QLD and had surgery in 2006. I have had some flare ups since and was told to stay on all medications after surgery to allievate symptoms in the future. The specialist actually stated that it more viable for a patient to continue on medication & is proven to be affective post operatively. Every one is different as to how long remissions last. Every week I usually have some symptom or side affect from the disease. I have pain every day rating from small niggly type to cronic spasms that last for hours at a time. I still manage to work fulltime but am on holidays at present due to an infection. You can email ne on would love to hear from you. Shell

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