Stretching a bowel narrowing

Hi I've had Crohns for 30 years for the last 4-5 years i've had a narrowing there is crohns present in this narrowing. Yesterday I went for yet another Colonoscopy (Painful) they noticed a Polyp and the narrowing was even narrower they couldn't get the scope through it. I was told I may have to go back for the polyp removed and the narrowing stretched, previously they told me that the narrowing couldn't be stretched because it was 2inches long. As anyone else had a narrowing stretched and did it work?

thanks Chris

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Stretching a bowel narrowing
by: Chris

Hi I had the narrowing stretched and the polyp removed and my specialist put me on Humira (Adalimumab) Injections which seems to have relieved the Crohns and relieved the pain so all is well at the moment(touch wood). The stretching and the polyp removed op. I was in and out in a couple of hours and it was a little painful but nowhere near as bad as I thought it would have been. I hope this as been a help to you Shadowjesse.

Chris (Keep Smiling)

by: Shadowjesse

I was at my gastro appt. a few weeks ago after getting out if the hospital with an obstruction. She explained resectioning and mentioned another surgery which I'm thinking is what you mentioned. Is this an inpatient procedure and would you go through it yet another time?

Stretching a Bowel Narrowing
by: Chris

Hi I chickened out of the Bowel Stretching I didn't call to make the appointment it should have been last December and now it seems I'm on my own I've had no response from the Hospital or the Specialist.All I wanted was to chat to someone about it before the op. the hospital made me an appointment to see a Dr. but when I went the Dr. I saw knew nothing about me and couldn't understand why i'd been sent to him. I'm thinking of phoning the Specialist's Secretary to see what's going on and where I stand.
Thanks for reply Chris

Stretching the bowel
by: Anonymous

Hi I have hade this proceedure done 4 time over the past 2 years. the 1st time the doctor stretched as much as possible in order to avoid tearing, and I had to return 4 weeks later to have further stretching. My condition was much improved for about 6 months, but unfortunately. this proceedure doesn't last especiallt if you have another flare up.. when the inflamation subsides the bowel heals and scar tissue causes narrowing again. However it can be repeated which is what is happening to me all the time. Just a pain to have to go through it all every few months. I am due to have it again soon and am dreading it although its Ok when its done.

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