Still new and adjusting to Crohn's...

by Chelsea
(St. Louis, Missouri)

My name is Chelsea, and I was diagnosed with Crohn's on my 20th birthday, about 5 months ago. I've had stomach pains and off and on constipation since I was 15, but never went to the doctor. When I finally went to the emergency room and had some tests done, the doctors told me I had Crohn's, which I was already familiar with.
My grandmother died when I was ten, after having surgery for Crohn's, to remove part of her small intestine. My other grandmother has Crohn's as well, and has been dealing with it for about forty years. My doctor didn't give me much information and basically told me to "suck it up", because from now on, I am my disease. I went into a severe depression and felt very alone.
Here it is about 5 months later, and I'm just getting used to the idea of dealing with my disease. It took me a long time to gather up the courage to even research, because I was afraid of what I would find. My GI put me on steroids, which made me gain 20 pounds. I'm off the steroids now, but still trying to loose the weight while trying to stay healthy. I don't want anything to stop me from living out my life and being happy.
I'm thinking about trying yoga to relax, I have bad anxiety and occasional depression. I am a college student, so I'm always on the run. I also have a very crappy job at McDonalds, which doesn't help with stress. I would really appreciate any advice or even encouragement anyone has to give.
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Still new and adjusting to Crohn's NEW
by: Annette Young

Hi there,

Thanks for sharing your story.

I am so sorry that you were given the diagnosis and then basically left to get on with it. I do wish doctors would realise that basically people are not the condition and that they need to be treated with understanding and respect.

Crohn's is a horrible disease but you do have to come to terms with it. I completely get why you buried your head in the sand and didn't want to know more. It is scary but actually, the more that you know, the easier it is to deal with it. I have found that the best way to approach this disease is to face it head on and to learn how to deal with it on an individual level.

Stress plays a huge part in causing flare-ups so if you can target any stressors in your life, eliminating any problems one by one, you will start to feel a little more in control. Ideally, you need to take a holistic approach to life and to live as simply as possible. Yoga is fantastic. It will help you to feel better within your body and the postures massage the internal organs. It will also enable you to practice deep breathing techniques that will ease anxieties as well as to make you feel calmer. Try meditation too as this can have a wonderful healing effect.

It can take some time to learn how to stop your mind racing especially if you have a lot of worries, but it's well worth the effort.

Wishing you much luck,


by: Anonymous

What a terrible birthday present. >: Sorry, love.

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