small bowell resection due to chrons disease

by Joseph Dyer
(Orlando, Florida)

Anybody go thru small bowell resection for chroans, i just went thru it back on feb 8 and had 11cm removed, along with jujujnal intusesstptiom this known as severe progression. Also my mom informed me of having a protein / nutrion defficiencey when i was a baby ( 1970 ) and had IV's on a monthly basis, not even speacial formular shew bought would stay down and i went from 7/10 down to 4/11 in the first 2 months of life...and also have gained weight and lost a massive amount of weight over the last 40 years with the most recent being 225 in 2009 to 151 on february 2012 ( mind you i weighed 157 on surgery day ))

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