returning symptoms 5 months post op?

by laura
(cheshire england)

i have had crohns for about 13 years now and just had a resection in may on the illium part and some small and large bowel taken away, but recently have been having similar problems with pain and runs to the br, i know its possible to have missed some in surgery but should i feel so lethargic so soon after the op?

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A treatment worth trying
by: Max

I think I may have some advice that could help a lot of you out there with crohns !!! I was diagnosed 16 years ago and on top of that had been missed diagnosed for seven years before that so needless to say I was very bad shape when they finally figured out what was going on. The test they run to find it ended up causing an abscess that ruptured and required emergency surgery, and I was severely mal nourished. They removed 2 ft of my intestine and the Ilium. Luckily I had a great gastrologist and his specialty was crohns so he was very aggressive but the best thing he ever did for me was to put me on Colestid this stuff saved my life! When it finally started working (and it took a little while) it brought the cronic diarea under control and for the first time in 10 years I was not hurting constantly. I’m telling you it was amazing I had forgotten what it felt like not to be in constant pain. I have been in remission for about 13 years now and I have gone from 16 pills (colestid) a day to 2 to 3 a night. Use caution out there just following your doctors advise cause even though they may be gastrologist doesn’t mean they are fully informed on this disease what makes me angry when they act like it’s not that serious and or just want to go ahead and remove the colon and get it over with (so stupid and so last resort) Now I know this will not work for everyone who has crohns but it will work for a lot of you and it ain’t gonna hurt a thing to give it a try SO WORTH IT!!! If your doctor don’t even want to try it then find another doctor quickly. Good luck Guys I know exactly what you are going through!!

post surgery returning symptoms
by: Anonymous

the thing with crohns is that it's not just sitting there in one spot in your body, it's in your genetics now, and always will be. Even if they take out an infected section, the crohns will come back in a different spot. Thats why they try to keep it where it is and make it dormant; otherwise we would all have similar scars and OP room stories, instead of so many unanswered questions :(
good luck.

post op
by: Lizzie

Hi laura i had what sounds the same op last september and i managed a few weeks before it all started again, i decided to go to see a dif consultant in another town and he has been fab i have had scans and tol i need all whats left of colon removing but before that happens i am waiting to try humira, dont put up with it ask for a secound opinion it is your quality of life and you are within your rights.

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