recovery from a resection?..

by al blanco

i am going for a resection due to a narrowing in my colon cause by my chrons.. can anyone please tell me how long b4 i be up and running, back to normal after the surgery, and the most important thing of all my weight gain, how long b4 i gain it back? of course if no complications occur? thx in advance.


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thank you
by: al blanco

thank you every one.. your comments really help.. thx again and hope everyone gets better....

bowel resection
by: Darlene

I was scheduled for a laporascopic bowel resection for a 2 cm blockage due to Crohn's Disease on October 4, 2008. Surgeon ended up doing open surgery and removing 17 inches of small bowel and 5" of large bowel.

I was up and about in a week and back to work on November 6th, 2008. I am a restaurant manager which is an extremely physical job. Although I felt great on the day I returned, I think I might have pushed it a little because 4 days later I'm not feeling very well - scheduled for an ultrasound tomorrow and feeling extremely tired.

If the original laparoscopic surgery had been done I think 4 weeks is realistic. With open surgery maybe 6 weeks at home would be better.

Good luck to you - hope everything goes well.

recovery from a resection
by: Anonymous

I had a stricture of my Sigmoid colon and 26cm was removed. I was back to work in 6 weeks time, but took quieta while to gain weight, because I could not eat eveything I wanted. I had to cut on gas forming food, all fruits I had to peeled because peels do not digest very well. All luck

by: Shawna-Missouri

I had 16 and half inches of the small intenstines removed, part of my colon and an ovary and I was back at it after 3 weeks. I had been in pain for so long that I felt like a new person after the surgery. good luck!!!!

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