Recently diagnosed, not getting any better (aged 15)

by Brandon

On the 10th august i got diagnosed with crohnes bowel desease. it didnt really sink in my mind until about a week after. i got put on a ibd modulen diet for 6 weeks, where i wasnt aloud to eat or drink anything and i had to drink protien shakes instead. after alot of trips to the hospital for being sick and ill, i got told that the modulen diet did not work. i then got put on prednisolone, just a short course, 10weeksm but on a high dosage, after about a week.. i started to feel the side effects. i felt anxious, weak, depressed, and not the same person. i keep crying, and just feeling hopeless alot of the time. i find it difficult to keep it all in sometimes, as i try to stay strong, as i feel it effects my mum when im upset. although all of my freinds understand what im going though, i was going out with a girl for 6 months, and she ended it. i feel this is because i might have been a different person, and that she doesnt understand what im going through, this is very frustrating. i wake up sad before school, and come home sad. past 2 weeks, ive been in the worst pain ever, and feeling depressed. last friday i went to the hospital, and they have said it is unusual as the steriods or the modulen diet has helped my desease. therefore im rather having surgery, or something else.
i am really nervous, and dont know how to feel better in myself anymore.
B.williams Aged 15

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