really worried i suffer with crohns and want to get pregnant

I suffer with crohns colitis and really want to start a family with my boyfriend I've had surgery 5 years ago I used to have a bag but got it reversed which has left me going to the toilet quite a lot, can I get pregnant just I've read things saying if you suffer with crohns or colitis you can be infertile please help has anyone else with crohns colitis managed to get pregnant and have a healthy child and how long did it take really worried x

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Want to get pregnant NEW
by: Annette Young


Thank you for your question.There is good news in that those with Crohn's can get pregnant - just the same as those women without the disease. There are some factors that could prevent you from getting pregnant, i.e. scarring from any pelvic surgery. Ideally, you should try to get your Crohn's settled before trying to conceive and to take advice from your doctor first. This will help in terms of medication throughout.

Once your Crohn's is in remission, you need to start having a diet that is rich in folic acid.This is a B vitamin that is found quite naturally in certain fruits and vegetables but it can be difficult to consume it in a natural state so the doctor may prescribe folic acid as a supplement. It helps to build RNA and DNA so is crucial in early pregnancy and before conception.

Do check with your doctor that any medications are safe to take while trying for a baby and for during pregnancy, there are many that are not. With medical guidance and support, many women go on to have healthy pregnancies and healthy children but it is worth noting that children with parents'who have Crohn's are more likely to get Crohn's as well.

Hope this helps?


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