question: Is this crohns?

by TCW

Hello, I have had an endoscopy and colonoscopy as well as a CT scan. My major symptoms were severe anemia and intermittent bouts of diarrhea (painful, lasts several days or even a week or two of not necessarily frequent, but loose, urgent bowel movements) and almost chronic constipation. The diarrhea is a new (last six months) development. When it starts, I tend to get persistent headaches, burning eyes (sometimes), aching shoulders and hips (and sometimes hands), pain in the necks, inflammation throughout my whole digestive tract, etc. I also tend to get lots of mouth inflammation.

My doctor's GI report saw inflammation "consistent with celiac or Crohn's". He put me on a gluten-free diet and I did great for about about six weeks. No constipation for the first time I can remember, and normal BMs. The, suddenly, BAM! Started with full feeling for a few days, and some discomfort. Felt swollen inside -- (kept feeling I had to urinate, but no that much. I think it was just internal inflammation.) Then tons of watery D three days ago. Still suffering, sleepy, achy, depressed. Only things I can see I did differently: I started taking B complex and probiotics during the last week before this big flare up. I've also been under a tremendous amount of stress.

Does this sound like Crohn's? Since the GF diet helped, I guess it could coincide with gluten intolerance? I'm feeling so guilty...I keep hoping my family get a little twinge of a tummy ache so I can just assume I have stomach flu!!! (Not really, though.)

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