Pregnant with crohn's desease ( help )

by John

My wife has crohn's's disease and she is 6 weeks pregnant. She has now come off all her pain meds as adviced by her doctor but she is trotting to the toilet 5 or 6 times a day and she has alot of pain all over and she's exhausted. Can anyone suggest something to stop her trotting and a non addictive pain relief that won't effect the baby? Concerned Husband John

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pain NEW
by: MK

38 weeks pregnant pain back in action . Not currently on meds did take Asacol beginning of pregnancy. no diarrhea just sharp pains on right lower side . it's crazy how doctors don't know what to do... Seems like food is the culprit- but what to eat ??!! soo sick of all if this!!

by: Anonymous

hi,i have crohns disease and have just had my 5th baby, 2 yrs ago,i have to say when i was pregnant i didnt take anything at all,i wanted to be brave,i stuck to a hi protein low fat diet,i too had severe diarrhea and blood loss, but babies are tough,my advise is lots of bed rest take it easy,my last son weighed in at 9lb 2oz so he didnt go without any food did he,it did effect me i have to say i felt weak and tired and 2 yrs on still do,ask the doc what is safe and rest alot,oh one more thing is one of my friends with crohns said to me fig biscuits,ok i know they make you run to the toilet youd think,but actually they dont and contain lots of vitamins for the bowel.

crohns and baby
by: BillieP

I just had my first child in dec. I have had crohns since 2003 and was on Remicade the entire time with my pregnancy. We were fine the whole time and my little boy is perfectly healthy and growing fast. No tummy troubles to speak of. Babies are tougher than we give them credit and if they want to be here, they will get here.

no worries
by: Mischelle

i was diagnosed with crohns 2 yrs. ago. right after that in feb. of 2009 I became pregnant. My gastro. dr put me on asacol which I was taking about 5 pills 3 times a day. my o.b. said it was fine for me and the baby. i was symptom free the whole 9 months and the baby was very healthy.

13wks and suffering
by: jan

Im 13wks pregnant and feelin so bad.........have crohns the last ten yrs ive been on steroids since wk one for eight wks now im back to square one really hope the baby will be ok after bein on steroids, heading to the doc today cant stand this pain anymore!!

crohn's pain and pregnancy
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am pregnant for the first time, about 11 weeks right now and have had crohn's for the last 13 yrs or so. I'm 32. The only med I'm on right now is Remicade and I did get my last infusion 2 weeks ago because I'm still in a lot of pain. I used to take bentyl and vicodin at least daily and prednisone when it got really bad. I feel like I'm still in a lot of pain and do still take the vicodin when I can't stand it. I heard some women go into remission while they're pregnant and I really hope that happens to me soon!! Your wife can take Imodium for the diarrhea, that is pregnancy category B so it's safe. Good luck with everything!

Pregnant and crohns
by: Anonymous

Eating dry toast and or crackers will help a little with running to the rest room.

Pregnant women can take some medications without affecting the baby
by: Vanessa

Hello John,
I have the Crohns disease and my Husband and I want a child soon. I spoke with my GI about that and he told me he would not stop my medication (it depends of the medication of course) while I am pregnant. What did she take? She really should call her GI, I am sure he is going to find a treatment that will not aftect the baby.
Good luck

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