Pregnancy - Natural birth or C-Section

by Sam
(Port Hedland ( WA))

Hi There,

I'd love to hear from any women that have Crohns disease and have managed to have a family. I'm 35yo and currently 6 months pregnant ( finally) but am now faced with the decision to have a Caesarean or try for a natural birth. My specialist has suggested an elictive Caesarean but others are saying no reason I can't have a natural birth. I'm happy either way but I don't want to do any more damage to my body. I was diagnosed with Crohns when I was 16yo, and have suffered from Perianal disease in the past. Fistula's, fisher tears and abcesses. Nothing in the past 6 years though. I'm currently on Infliximab and feeling great. I have to meet with the surgeon in a few weeks and I'd like to go armed with as much info as possible just in case I really need a Caesarean and he tries to talk me out of it.
Thanks for your help.

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Arianna NEW
by: Anonymous

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No c-section needed for me
by: Amanda

Hello I gave birth to my beautiful little girl in July of 09 I didn't have any issues with my Chron's and was able to have her naturaly no c-section needed. I had surgery in 06 and feared that the baby would cause me to have issues in the place that I had scar tissue but amazingly enough I found that when I was pregnant my body focused on making her and put my chrons to the way side, I was able to eat what I wanted didn't have a single sympton it was HEAVEN. BE WARNED the doctors said that it could be 6wks to maybe never getting my symptoms back but I was not that optimistic it was clear he never has had the disease and 3 days after having her I was back to the bathroom once again. I have had my struggles but a GREAT support system within my family has helped me through. I know this will sound odd but trying to get yourself on a daily routine will help significantly with your new born. Your body will adjust. If you EVER need support email me.

Crohns and pregnacy
by: Rachel

Hi there. Lovely news. I am 36 years of age and have had Crohns and ulcerated colitus for 15 years. I took 3 years to conceive, only to then have 3 miscarriages. I then fell pregnant with my Son, now 3. I fell pregnant again and miscarried. I finally had a gorgeous Daughter 18 months ago. I gave birth to them both vaginally. I was told pregnancy is one of the best things for Crohns. I was advised that I would probably have an acute attack after giving birth. I have had many good years taking Asacol that was prescribed for me. I had a relapse after both pregnancies. I have had one recently, so have been put on steroids, against my wish. I know I will put on weight, grow hair on my face and knuckles, like previous times. I'm told by my Specialist that he wants to try me on Steroids again, but on a higher dose. He doesn't want me to have to go into hospital. I am now looking into alternative medicine, as I don't want to have to keep taking steroids. It's getting me down. I'm sorry, I'm rambling on. I hope everything is well with you. Take care, Rachel from Mid Wales

You can do it!

I am 23yrs old and have 2 children (3 & 2) I had natural births for both of my children. I have fistulizing crohns disease. I was told at a young age I would not have children (they thought I had endo and not crohns)anyways, i have 2 now and even though after my first is put my crohns into remission and the 2nd has put me into the worst flare up i've ever felt before in my life, you can do it!
I had my fistula with both births.. and had 100% natural deliveries.. e-mail me if you have anymore questions! Good luck and congrats ont he pregnancy!

by: Suzanne

Firstly congrads on your news. I understand ive been there i had my son naturally but it took alot out of me Really knocked me for months. Although i havent had a bad flare up for 2 yrs. Thank god. I Remember meeting my gastro 2 weeks after i had my son id a flare up, he reckoned it was because i didnt have a section & it just really knocked me. It did thuogh i remember in labour i had a very bad pain in my back passage as if i needed the toilet (diarrheoa pain) When ya have 2 rush 4 the loo. Please keep in touch, i hope i have helped u some way x x x x Also when are you due?

Natural birth or c-section
by: Anonymous

If you are not suffering from the abscesses and fistulas, then there is no reason that you can't have a vaginal delivery. You shouldn't have to have a c-section.

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