pregnancy and Crohn's

Is pregnancy safe with Crohn's and Pentasa?

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i have an idea NEW
by: Anonymous

when i was pregnant it accelerated my crohnes and i had an emergency illeostomy 2 months after i had her my bowel perferated and fell apart it nearly killed me it was a years recovery and my daughter lived with my mum alot of what happened was negligence by the hospital although it would have still been the same outcome just a wee bit less painful i had a 20% chance of survival please please be aware i was born with crohnes i had my daughter just before my 21st birthday so it had 21 years to attack me, i'm not saying this will happen to everyone but please consult all your doctors and be careful xxx jay

Pregnancy and Crohns...
by: Peter Bray

I have NO clues on this---see a real doctor and ask, and if/he she doesn't know, find one who does---

"War on Crohns" by Peter Bray
Benicia, CA

My daughter has survived Crohns for 24 years
and is still fighting am I...I am her Wingman!

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