Pregnancy and Crohn's Medications

by Chris

I have been diagnosed with crohn's for 10 years now. I take Asacol and Prilosec. When first diagnosed I was also prescribed Mercaptorine (6-MP) and was in remission until 1 year ago when my husband and I wanted to try and get pregnant. I read this medication is not good to take while even trying to conceive. It has been a year since and still not pregnant and my crohn's is acting up. I had a dr.'s appointment and he wants me to go back on the mercaptorine since it seemed to work so well and feels Asacol alone is not working. Now I don't know what to do. I know first I want to make sure I get better since I am also on entocort for 3 months and on colocort (enema) and canasa (suppositories) for 1 month. This is the 2nd round of this medication so I am hoping this will work this time. If anyone has any information for me on this that would be helpful.

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