Pregnancy and Crohn's Disease

Is it possible to have successful pregnancy with crohn's disease?

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Crohn's flare up in pregnancy
by: Worried mum

My 33 year old daughter is expecting a baby next month. She was diagnosed with Crohn's about 5 years ago and has been treated with steroids and Azathioprine.

Her first pregnancy ended in termination as the baby had a serious heart defect. Her second pregnancy two years ago was fine and her son is fine.

She has been having a flare up of her Crohn's since she first became pregnant this time. She is being closely monitored at the hospital and her consultant has prescribed steroids. She has been told the baby may be bigger because of this.

It seems a lot of people with Crohn's are in remission when pregnant but my daughter has been worse. Could there be a reason why?

I also have Crohn's disease which was diagnosed when I was 50. Nobody else in my family had suffered from this before. My nephew was since also diagnosed with it in his late 40s.

What are the chances of her children developing Crohn's ?

Pregnancy and Crohn's Disease
by: Annette Young

Hi there,

Thanks for your question.

I personally know a woman who was very ill with Crohn's disease and eventually went ahead to have a baby. The change in her was quite remarkable as the Crohn's quietened down throughout the whole pregnancy. She went onto have a very beautiful baby girl.

There are risks of course. There is a greater risk of your baby also developing Crohn's and an even greater risk if your partner also has the disease. So it is important to consider these factors.

It is important that you are feeling really well prior to getting pregnant however. Unless you have had pelvic problems - there should be very little difference to the potential for you to conceive than a woman without Crohn's disease. If the disease is flaring, please put your plans on hold.Some medications - such as methotrexate should be stopped and your doctor will give you advice on this. You must have a 3 month break after taking methotrexate prior to conceiving. This is the same for men.

Active disease and medications such as sulfasalazine will lower sperm count for any potential father and the doctors will suggest that a different medication is to be taken.

It is believe that pregnancy suppresses the immune system and it does this to stop the immune system from rejecting the unborn baby. So this is potentially why some women feel better when they are pregnant.

Please always follow the advice of the doctors so that they can guide you through a stress-free pregnancy.

Wishing you the best of luck,


Pregnancy and Crohns
by: Anonymous


I am 32 and have had Crohns for 14 years. I am happy to say that 2 years ago I had a healthy baby boy. Since then and all during my pregnancy I had no signs or symptoms of Crohns at all.
They say pregnancy can heal things. I think it has for me.
I am very, very relieved!
Good Luck!

A in AL

Having a baby with crohns
by: Anonymous

I am happy to say that yes it. I have had crohns for over 10 years. More than 7 of them I was not officially diagnosed and now I have 2 beautiful happy health boys. I had to go to a high rick OBGYN which was no problem. She just watched me closer than a regular obgyn would have. I was on bed rest with both boys. As long as you keep in touch with both your GI and OBGYN you should be fine. In my case after I had my last child my Crohns got really bad and I went through a year of operations and complications (not related to being pregnant) and now it is not recommended that I get pregnant again. I do remember that when I was pregnant my crohns sysmptons went away which meant I felt really great for 9 months!!

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