by REBECCA 3802

I have crohn's disease. Diagnosed 15 years ago. Currently 34 weeks pregnant and have been in remission for just over a year, there fore caught while healthy. Has anyone been in the same boat? I would love a home birth and am due to see my obstetrician next week to talk about this. I did develop a fistula after a laparoscopy last year, which has completely healed and I have no problems with scar as I have got bigger. In order to make a decision I need to know what risks there are for me specifically. My Crohn's consultant is a waste of space, my Obgyn is airing on the side of caution but can't offer any other reason for hospital birth than someone with out Crohn's. Help!!!!!!!! My heart says home, being first birth but not much faith in the advice I have had so far, I feel that I should go to hospital in case something does go wrong even though they can't tell me how I am more at risk than average person. Hopefully someone has been in the same boat or simlar. Any responce will help. xx


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Hospital and Home?
by: Anonymous

I am 38 weeks pregnant with Crohn's, and have had a great pregnancy with the exception of a couple small flares during the pregnancy. Here's what I think. I know your heart says 'home' and there's no reason why it shouldn't. I would however make a plan with your midwife/doula and your OB, regarding 'red flags' that may mean it's time to move the birth from home to triage. I would try and keep an open mind and stay flexible with your plans.
I am personally going to spend as much time as possible at home before heading in, but will be happy to have my 'team' at the hospital too. Congrats and good luck!! :)

by: cafer

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Pregnancy and birth
by: Anonymous

The only problem with having Crohns disease and giving birth is that you don't want to get an episotomy. Because of the Crohns you would not want them to accidently cut into your spincter muscles. I don't know otherwise why it would matter if you had the baby at home as long as you have a midwife and a way to get to the hospital if an emergency should arise.

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