please help my son. is it chrons?

My son is 10 years about a year and half he had pain in his belly only for 2 to 3 days.he threw up the first day ,and than it will go .he ate nothing that time of pain.this was happening 4 times so we want to hospital.they found pancreatitis and ulcer on duadenum.patology said said chrons,because his iron 9 and albumin 2.8.lacteferrin in stool.He feel great for 3 month now just on fish oil vaitamin and pro biotic.I also got now serovera.Some doctors say that if he gain weight and grow and no pain than that is ok ,some said to give meds to avoid problem in future.i do not want to give meds since he gain 8 pounds since october and few inches grow and no pain.i am afraid they will scare me and forced me to give him.they are not even sure yet it is pain in any other area,no stool problem ever,not any other stuff that look like chrons.Can anyone can help me?please ,

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Please help my son. Is it Crohn's? NEW
by: Annette Young

Hi there,
I am so sorry for you and your son. It is so difficult to know what to do in these circumstances.
At 10 years old, he is young to have Crohn's but i know that it affects children even younger so this does not mean that it is not Crohn's disease.

It is important to be guided by the doctors. I know that you need an official diagnosis but I think that as frustrating as it is, it is difficult for the doctors to make a definitive diagnosis. sometimes it can take years. There are other conditions that it could be.

It would be a good idea to keep a food journal at this stage. Write down all of his systems, whether he feels bad after eating certain foods or if he is drinking fizzy drinks,is he reacting within a day or so? I know that some Crohn's sufferers are lactose intolerant so it might be a good idea to reduce dairy products and to see if that makes him feel better.

Stress can also have a negative impact on any bowel problems. At one time, stress was considered to be the cause of Crohn's although this is not true. It can certainly make the symptoms worse. Stressors come wrapped in a number of different ways, bullying, fear about his own health, worried about his school grades etc, these concerns can all play a part in making his condition seem worse.

It may well be Crohn's but if you can keep a food and symptoms diary, reduce or stop him from having fizzy drinks, spicy foods or dairy products, you might get a better idea as to the cause.

I know many people who have stopped taking their medication and the disease suddenly seems to fight back with a vengeance. The doctors may have prescribed him something that will keep the symptoms under control.

I hope this helps?


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